【dollremi】COS Racing Miku 2015 初音賽車女郎套裝 (DD0362)




COS Racing Miku 2015 初音賽車女郎套裝 (DD0362) 全套包括 including 領子 collar 領帶 tie 連身裙 dress 裙子 skirt 手襪 gloves 內褲 underwear 襪子 socks P.S. 由於商品存在一些瑕疵,如果不介意,現在正半價發售。(不影響照片效果),謝謝🙏 Due to some flaws in the product, if you don't mind, it is now on sale at half price. (Does not affect the photo effect), thank you 🙇‍♀️

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