【dollremi】(DD0016) 夾棉軟身娃袋 Cotton padded soft doll bag

顏色 colour



3分娃用夾綿軟身娃袋 可放一至兩個娃,可掛行李箱 軟身設計,可放入其他娃袋當咕𠱸用作防撞保護 也可單獨作娃袋使用,有白內里防色移 用YKK牌拉鍊,娃袋外則有小口袋放小物 不用時可摺疊好節省地方,也方便帶娃外出不用時可收起. 1/3 doll cotton soft bag Can hold one to two dolls, also can hang on the luggage. Soft body design can be placed in other doll bags for collision protection. It can also be used as a separate doll bag, with a white interior to prevent color shift. Using YKK brand zippers, there is a small pocket outside the doll bag to hold small items. Foldable when not in use to save space.