【Mascotte】Lavender Lingerie (DD/DDdy/Smartdoll)



*Limited* Cannot be restocked after sold out. 限定品,不設補貨。 *Important* Suitable for DDdy or other large bust but it may be easy to misplaced for the bust part. DDdy及其他大胸可穿,但衣服有容易移位的風險。 Includes 套裝包含: 1) Dress 裙子 2) Bottom 內褲 3) Garter 襪帶 4) Necklace 頸飾 Model size 模特尺寸: Smartdoll S Bust The outfit is modeled by Smartdoll S Bust and Volks DD M Bust body. It fits on DD and other dolls with similar measurements. 此作品以SMD S胸及DD L胸尺寸製作,其他相近尺寸素體請自行斟酌。

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