【Mascotte】Iceberg - Dress set for DD / DDdy / SMD



【Limited】 SIZE: DD S-L Bust / DDdy / SMD Includes 套裝包含: 1) Head Dress 2) Neckdress + Top 3) Corset 4) Lace Arm Dress 5) Sleeves 6) Skirt *** You can buy separately 可加購: - 【Mascotte】Diamond black socking (MA005) - 【dollremi】銀色細帶高跟涼鞋 Silver High heels with thin belt (SH01) Model size 模特尺寸: DDdy The outfit is modeled by Volks DDdy body. It fits on DDdy and other dolls with similar measurements. 此作品以DDdy尺寸製作,其他相近尺寸素體請自行斟酌。