【MG2Plus】handmade leather classic boots by Mg2plus




【MG2Plus】handmade leather classic boots handmade by MG2Plus. 尺碼適合:3分 BJD男孩/女孩 (DD /DDDY/Smartdoll/DD3-BOY/Smartdoll Guy) 內長:7.5厘米 實際尺寸:8.3厘米* 8厘米 Suitable for SIZE: 55~60cm BJD boy/ girl (DD /DDDY/Smartdoll/DD3-BOY/Smartdoll Guy) Inner length : 7.5cm Actual size : 8.3cm *8 cm Model size 模特尺寸: 1/3 BJD girl 請注意:此作品以真皮製作,皮紋不同屬於正常自然現象,而且全人手製作所以每對都可能會有些微不同,謝謝 P.S. :This pair of shoes is made of genuine leather, so all skin textures and patterns are somewhat different, and they are all handmade, so each pair of shoes may be slightly different, thank you

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